About Gabriela

With roots in vibrant, Latin America, design education in Europe and current residences deep within the urban jungles of Miami and New York, Gabriela Cadena is truly a citizen of the world with a global perspective to match.

Pulling inspiration from this diverse point of view, Gabriela Cadena artistically explores the juxtaposition of elements to create a sartorial sensibility entirely her own. Overcoming the polarization of extremes by highlighting dichotomies, instead of eliminating them, Gabriela  Cadena ingrains a uniquely collaborative spirit into the soul of each seasonal collection – uniting not only the illusive elemental opposites themselves, but also bringing the power of these partnerships to the women who wear them. 

Designing with a deep understanding of the contemporary female and with a finger on the pulse of today’s style development, Gabriela Cadena further elevates her design promise through a refreshing and un-ending exploration of culture, color and construction. Gabriela Cadena is unafraid in this approach, injecting complex embroidery, breathtaking hand beading and electric prints into each of her designs. In intelligent balance, Gabriela Cadena also commands elegance through her strong silhouettes, classic lines and the promise of unparalleled workmanship across both Ready To Wear and Evening Collections.

Gabriela Cadena redefines what fashion can be by offering women much more than a seasonal wardrobe. Empowering her wearers with confidence, pride and aspirational style, Gabriela Cadena readies us to take on the modern world armed with the luxury we desire and the exclusivity we crave.